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Gentamicin for 6 weeks due to endocarditis

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  • Gentamicin for 6 weeks due to endocarditis

    A 26 years old mother with an exclusively breastfed 3 and a half month old baby is on 80mg of gentamicin 2 x per day( might increase to 3x) IV and ampicillin every 4 hrs also IV. Her baby is thriving, was born at 8,9 kg ans is now 12 lbs.
    Wenread that Gentamicin is compatible with breastfeeding and many mothers with mastitis do take this treatment IV, but is it still compatible with such a long treatment over 6 weeks?

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    Hi, thanks for your post.

    Gentamicin doesn't transfer much into milk and it is very poorly absorbed orally. One study of women getting 80 mg Gent TID demonstrated an average daily dose to the infant of only 300 mcg. A term neonate would typically be prescribed 8 mg/kg/day for his own infection. There's not much info available about the effect of sub-therapeutic exposure to Gent in babies, but these levels are so low that I would expect there not to be any toxicity at all, even with chronic use.

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    -James Abbey, MD