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    I was prescribed Kerydin (tavaborole) for topical use on one big toenail once per day for 48 weeks. Is it safe to use while exclusively breastfeeding my baby (currently 7 weeks old, planning to breastfeed through at least 6 months of age)?

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    Marsmama: We have absolutely no breastfeeding data on this drug, so I can't really tell you its safe. I think it would probably be OK to use, but I can't guarantee this. My advice would be to defer this treatment until you no longer breastfeed.

    This is what I have in my database: Tavaborole is a boron-containing antifungal used in the treatment of onychomycosis. Used topically on the nail for many months, levels in plasma are barely detectable and hence dose transfer to milk is likely exceedingly low. Boron is a naturally occurring ion and present in many foods and even water systems with a suggested upper limit of 20 mg/day. [1] Adverse effects for humans, including anorexia, digestive disruption, and dermatitis with a long-term intake of 5.0 mg B/kg/day. This far exceeds the amount present in tavaborole.[2] Following a 2-week daily topical application of 5% tavaborole to all 10 toenails, steady state occurred after 14 days. After a single dose, the mean plasma peak concentration (Cmax) of tavaborole was 3.54 ± 2.26 ng/mL. After 2 weeks of daily dosing, the mean plasma Cmax was 5.17 ± 3.47 ng/mL. These plasma levels are quite low and would not likely produce significant milk levels.

    Tom Hale PhD.


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      Thank you. Is there more data for Jublia, and would that be considered a safer alternative, or would you advise that I defer treatment altogether until I am no longer breastfeeding?


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        we do not have breastfeeding data on efinconazole, but plasma levels seem really low. its probably a suitable alternative to Tavaborole. I would suggest after using it a month or more, that you have your pediatrician do a liver profine on your infant...just to be careful.

        Dr. Hale