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  • Diloxanide 250mg

    A mother is prescribed metronidazole 200mg and diloxanide 250mg 2-2-2 per day for resistant amebiasis. Her baby is 3 months old. Metronidazole seems to be ok but there is a fear of metallic taste of milk. Is there any information available on diloxanide?

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    Dear Yomna88,

    The metronidazole (Flagyl) is probably safe. The amount received by the breastfed infant through milk is well below the clinical doses therapeutically used in infants. Thus far, virtually no adverse effects have been reported.

    I spoke with Dr Hale about the diloxanide. He believes this medication will probably be ok to breastfeed with, but he can not say this for sure since we have no studies on this medication, and do not know how much exactly would transfer into breast milk. This medicine has a peak concentration time of approximately 2 hours, and a half-life of 3 hours. Dr Hale recommends waiting 3-4 hours to resume breastfeeding after taking a dose of this medication. Hope this is helpful.

    Sandra Lovato R.N.
    InfanRisk Center


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