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Freezing Breastmilk while on Bactrim

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  • Freezing Breastmilk while on Bactrim

    My little one is almost 5 weeks old and I am exclusively pumping. The doctor has me on Bactrim to treat a staph infection of the nipples and I was told Bactrim was okay for me to keep pumping. I was a little nervous about him being less than 2 months so I have been just freezing the milk I am pumping now. Is that okay? Is that something I can use when he is older?

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    Jb: Using milk from an infected nipple is not the best idea. It depends on how desperate you are. If you have a limited supply and need to feed the infant, then yes, the benefit is greater than the risk. If however, you can pump a lot of milk, then I wouldn't use this old milk.

    Dr Hale


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      Thank you! I don’t know if this matters, but they did culture my milk and it was negative. I didn’t know if it was appropriate when he is older to mix the milk I am pumping now while on Bactrim and milk when I am not? Just trying to get my stash up because I am going back to work.


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        My reasoning is WHY expose your infant to an infectious agent if you don't have to. I'm not clear as to WHEN they cultured your milk? IF the milk was culture negative, then it would be OK to use it for feeding to the infant.

        Tom Hale Ph.D.


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          Just worried about the Bactrim in the milk I guess?


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            Not to worry. Bactrim is very unstable and wouldn't survive the stomach or small intestine. It's quite safe to use and we recommend its use for Staph infections all the time.
            Particularly in infants.

            Tom Hale


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              Even at 4.5 weeks old?