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Vancomycin and Cephalexin

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    Oral Vancomycin is not absorbed orally...only stays in the GI tract of mom.

    Cephalexin is quite safe in infants and is used all the time in high oral doses in infants.

    They won't bother an 8 mpnth old.

    Tom Hale Ph.D.

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  • Veronibanana
    started a topic Vancomycin and Cephalexin

    Vancomycin and Cephalexin

    I was prescribed to take 1 125mg vancomycin every 6 hours (4x daily) and 1 500mg cephalexin every 6 hours (4x daily) I'm currently taking them together as I wasn't advised not to. My son is 8 months old the doc wasn't clear and my nurse was very against breastfeeding him (not sure if it was cuz of the drugs or cuz I have cdiff I'm taking lots of precautions not to infect him).