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2 months of Doxycycline while nursing my toddler

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  • Sandra

    The use of doxycycline is not recommended for more than 3-4 weeks. The fact that your infant only nurses 1-2 times a day reduces the amount the baby is exposed to, but doxycycline has a long half-life of 15-25 hours. The medication would not be out of your system for 5-6 half-lives. So the risk of the medication does not exceed the benefit of breastfeeding in a 20 month old. I would suggest trying to wean before beginning this medication.

    Sandra Lovato R.N.
    InfantRisk Center

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  • rachaelrhart
    started a topic 2 months of Doxycycline while nursing my toddler

    2 months of Doxycycline while nursing my toddler

    Hi there -

    I've been struggling with Rosacea and acne post-partum, and my dermatologist would like me to take Doxycycline for two months.
    My 20 month old is still nursing, but as she is almost 2 years old, she is only nursing for brief periods 1-2x a day.
    Theoretically if I were to take the Doxycycline in the evening after she went to bed, there would be 16-23 hours in between the antibiotic dose and the next time she nursed.
    Would the infrequent nursing lessen any adverse effects on my toddler if I were to take the antibiotic though she is still nursing just before bed time?
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