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Chloramphenicol eye drops

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    The amount of chloramphenicol present in your plasma compartment follow ophthalmic use will be exceedingly low, probably undetectable. I think I'd take your doctors advice, use the Chloramphenicol and not worry about its transfer into your milk. It would be far too low to produce complications.

    Tom Hale Ph.d.

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  • Andreea
    started a topic Chloramphenicol eye drops

    Chloramphenicol eye drops

    Dear all,
    I understand that systemic Chloramphenicol is not a good choice for a breastfeeding mother, as the risk of side effects in the breastfed infant is independent of the dose of exposure. But what about eye drops?
    I am breastfeeding a 14 months old baby. I underwent an eye surgery 10 days ago and have received eye drops with 2 antibiotics (moxifloxacin and tobramycin). Since my eye secretions are still yellow-greenish, the doctor suggested that I take chloramphenicol eye drops (4 times a day - 10 days). Is there a way that I can reduce the exposure of the baby to this drug, based o the half-life of the drug? Or I should avoid breastfeeding at all costs?
    I am also taking a course of Cefuroxime 500 mg every 12 hours, 7 days for a sinus infection / pharyngitis. In the following 3 weeks I will also continue the treatment with tobramycin+dexamethasone (eye doprs, commercial European name - Tobradex), gradually reducing it. So the treatment with Chloramphneicol eye drops will overlap with Cefuroxime and tobramycin+dexamethasone,
    Thank you! Best regards
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