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800 mg dose of fluconazole for Valley Fever

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  • 800 mg dose of fluconazole for Valley Fever

    I have a mother who has been diagnosed with Valley Fever. She will be required to take fluconazole at 800mg/day for the next several months. Her nursling is two years old. It is a much higher dose and for a longer period of time than I have come across for a breastfeeding parent and she is concerned about safety (she was advised by her physician to wean).

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    After 2 years of nursing, it would seem that the risk of high dose fluconazole outweighs the benefit of breastfeeding. But this is her call. The amount of fluconazole in what is a probably small amount of milk is probably minimal. But I don't know how much milk she is making....

    Tom Hale PH.D.


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