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Boswellia serrata - RA - breastfeeding

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  • Boki
    started a topic Boswellia serrata - RA - breastfeeding

    Boswellia serrata - RA - breastfeeding


    Since 1 year i'm diagnosed with RA, after several drugs, that were compatibel with breastfeeding, but didn't help much with the RA i would like to try Boswellia serrata.
    I'm breastfeeding my daughter 17 months. She's a real addict, and whenever I tried to stop nursing, she cried for days (whole days!!!) So I never tried mtx for example, but i would like to try Boswellia serrata.
    Do you have any findings regarding breastfeeding and Boswellia serrata, everything i found out, was not really exact science based.

    Thank you very much.

  • admin

    As with other herbals, we can't advise you that it is safe to use. However, Boswellia is not overly dangerous. The evidence that it works for Rheumatoid symptoms is somewhat poor (Grade C). I do not think it would be overly hazardous IN YOU SITUATION with a 17 month old infant. I would not use it in young infants or in pregnancy under any circumstances.

    But I can't really tell you its safe for breastfeeding.

    Tom Hale Ph.D.

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