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  • enbrel and breastfeeding


    I have had RA since childhood and used Enbrel now for almost 10 years till I got pregnant. Now my son is 6 months old and I have to start my medication again since the RA symptoms have come back My doctor here says it is safe to breastfeed while taking Enbrel but I'm still concerned if I do harm for my baby. So I would like to know whether there is any new information or data about Enbrel's effects on breastfed infant? Is it really safe to start Enbrel again? I have been thinking to give up breastfeeding because of this fear, and its making me feel really sad if I really have to do it because mother's milk is the best for the baby.

    I'm writing from Finland so please forgive me my language mistakes!

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    Enbrel is rated an L2-limited data-probably compatible. The amount that transfers into breast milk is only 0.07-0.2% of your dose. We think it is ok to nurse while taking this medication as long as your infant is not symptomatic. Monitor for fever, vomiting and frequent infections, but the side effects are unlikely because of the low transfer rate, and because of the protein structure it would not be orally bioavailable to the infant.

    Sandra Lovato R.N.
    InfantRisk Center