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Norco 5mg and supplementing

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  • Norco 5mg and supplementing

    Hi. I recently started taking Norco 5 mg three times a day. I still nurse my baby, generally no sooner than two hours after a dose. He is also supplemented 3oz of formula for every feeding. He will be three months old in two weeks. I'm worried about HIS dependence, if any risk of it. I've noticed some constipation not causing immense strain but more formed than his previously loose BF dirty diapers, but since he is supplemented is it likely just from the iron added? He doesn't seem excessively sleepy, he still wakes for every day feeding and night nurses almost all night. I'm just worried about the dependence, is it suggested I wean? His ped said it was ok, but I'm not too confident they understood he's still nursing almost every feeding after his bottle.

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    It is probably ok to continue breastfeeding since you are on a low dose and are waiting at least 2 hours to feed after each dose. The infant gets very little of the medication, only 2.2-3.7% of your dose. The formed stools could be either from the formula, the medication or the combination of the two, but as long as he is having regular stools is probably ok. It sounds like the other side effects we tell you to monitor for such as sedation and slowed breathing rate are not an issue either. When you decide to stop breastfeeding or stop the medication just wean slowly and it should not be a problem.

    Sandra Lovato R.N.
    InfantRisk Center