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Please help-need advice on all medications for pain/infections

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  • Please help-need advice on all medications for pain/infections

    Since my son was born 8 months ago, I have been very sick. I keep getting infections (primarily staph), mastitis, strep throat, recurrent sinusitis (havin surgery march 8th), migraines, stress fracture in lower back, now episcleritis, damaged sciatic nerve, a concussion which caused pcs, post postpartum depression, severe anxiety since i was 8, eating disorder since ge 14, that is now under control, but not great. Right now but I am 5'4" 98lbs and 27 yo.

    I exclusively breastfeed. I feel like I am on a ton of medications and I am so afraid I am ruining my poor son, my doctors don't now if I have some autoimmune disease which is causing all of the infections. I have been on pain medications almost the whole time since he has been born for the reasons listed above. Rut now I am prescribed clonazeoam 1mg at night, Zoloft 50mg in the morning, oxycodone 5mg 3x day, voltaren ( which I have not taken yet bc on pharmacy handout is says in caps Do NOT breastfeed while taking this medication, I also take senna, Miralax, cola e. The fioricet for migraines. I just finished 10 days of keflex, but I have been on that 4 times since he was born, I have been in augmentin 3 times since he was born and amoxilpcillin 2 times since he was born.

    Am I going to damage my Child. All of my doctors know I am breastfeeding, but I am so worried bc I have been taking so many medications while feeding spencer. None of them are listed as l4, but as a medical professional, what would you advise? I feel awful that he has all of those chemicals in his body, but the bonding experience while breastfeeding is incomparable to anything else. I did not get to breastfeed my daughter and I feel so lucky to be able to feed my son. I just don't want to ruin his body. Thank you for your help

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    Dear Kerri,

    Thank you for your call to the InfantRisk Center. Let us know if you have further questions.

    Cindy Pride, MSN CPNP
    TTUHSC InfantRisk Center