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  • tramadol and gabapentin

    We have a full term baby in our NICU that is here for neonatal abstinence from mom who was on norco q4h during pregnancy. The baby presently is on morphine and being weaned quickly for low scores as well as phenobarbitol for questionable seizure activity. The reason for the norco was due to a back surgery and pain during pregnancy. She will be seeing her surgeon today who has wanted to get her back on gabapentin and tramadol. Both are L2's and after reviewing the 2010 Medications book it would appear to be ok for mom to continue to provide milk. She will be on the gabapentin 3 times a day or q8h not as a PRN. Just wanted thoughts on this. Seizure activity has stopped, the neurologist is not convinced they are true seizures and withdrawl is almost completed as stated with very low scores.
    Thanks for your help
    Lori Lindsey, RN IBCLC

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    I'd agree that it would probably be Ok to start the infant back on breastmilk, with Tramadol and gabapentin. Just observe closely for sedation and apnea. Also, insist that the doses be uniform each day, and that she not use 1 or 2 today and 4 the next day. Babies can become quite tolerant to most drugs as long as they are uniformly dosed, and you don't get high levels one day or week, and low the next.

    Tom Hale Ph.D.