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Any new info on Lyrica?

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  • Any new info on Lyrica?

    She is having trouble breastfeeding and we are working on getting her to solely breastfeeding. The doctor is suggesting she go back on Lyrica. Are there any new studies with information on Lyrica and breastfeeding? Are there any other drugs that would be better that are safer? I know it depends on the specific issue, but perhaps a few suggestions to start with for her doctor?

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    We unfortunately have no data on this drug in breastfeeding women to date. While there are no data on its transfer into human milk, it should be expected. Observe for sedation, constipation, etc. However, due to the kinetics of the drug, its passage into the milk compartment is probable, and its oral bioavailability to the infant would be high. Therefore, nursing mothers should use caution in taking pregabalin while nursing.

    The only other similar drug is Gabapentin, where 6.6% of the maternal dose gets to the infant.

    Tom Hale Ph.D.


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      I just wanted to add I started lyrica a few months ago, my son is older he was about 15 months when I started and now 18 months, I only nurse him at night and he is fine. No side affects but he doesnt nurse all day only before bed so I would say if you nurse more frequently be cautious. Hope this helps!