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Pain management and breastfeeding

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  • Sandra

    We would recommend that you discuss this with pain management. Short term use of Norco is usually ok as long as you do not exceed 30mg in 24 hours, avoid the peak time of the first 2 hours and baby is not symptomatic, but since you have been on the Norco for a while and it is not controlling your pain they may want to put you on something different like subutex or methadone. So see what they would recommend first as a treatment plan for you and then contact us and we can advise the safety at that point.

    Sandra Lovato RN
    InfantRisk Center

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  • Mom3.22
    started a topic Pain management and breastfeeding

    Pain management and breastfeeding

    My son is 5 months. My whole pregnancy I was on norco 5 mg 2-3daily, since having him I have stay on my medication. I feel now it’s not controlling my pain. Is there a safe alternative medication. I know norco is a narcotic. But OTC and physical therapy didn’t do much. I go to pain management I just don’t know how to ask for something different. But the bigger my son gets the more toll it’s taking on me. He is EBF. And has been meeting all milestones and gaining weight. Both my pain management and pediatrician know I’m on my medication and EBF.