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Treptane during breastfeeding

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  • Treptane during breastfeeding

    my wife has horrible headaches 2-3 times per month, which quite destabilise her. Neurologist stated that she has migraine and she needs to use treptane (sumatreptane - as she used it before pregnancy). We didn’t find any solid data on using such medication while breastfeeding. Use “cefale” stimulator to somehow affect the symptoms. Any other medication, that is approved while breastfeeding didn’t work. Could you please lend us a hand in understanding the risks of using treatable during breastfeeding?
    Thank you for reading,

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    Hello George,

    From what we know, sumatriptan is quite safe while breastfeeding. It transfers into milk at very low levels (less than 5% of a weight-adjusted relative infant dose), and the oral bioavailability of the drug is very low (~15%). This means only a negligible amount of the small drug residue in the milk will be absorbed by a breastfed baby. It is an excellent option for lactating mothers. There is also data pending publication on another new class of drug, CGRP inhibitors (specifically rimagepant), that suggests its transfer into milk is low as well.

    All the best,
    Dr. Krutsch, PharmD