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Ocycodone and 7 week old

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  • Ocycodone and 7 week old

    I’ve been on oxycodone 5mg/3 x day since my csection. I tapered off and then developed a hernia so I started taking it again for pain once a day at the end of the day. I stopped taking it again and switched to OTC but it’s not helping the pain. I’m debating taking 1/2 a 5mg pill tonight but I’m concerned. Should I pump and dump? Is there going to be buildup in my 7 week old. He’s never shown any symptoms of sedation etc.
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    Oxycodone is rated an L3-limited data-probably compatible. The amount that transfers into breast milk is 1-8% of your dose. We think if you avoid the peak time of the first 2 hours and do not exceed 30mg in 24 hours you are probably ok for short term use. One 5mg tablet once a day should not be a problem as long as your infant is not symptomatic. Monitor for sedation, slowed breathing rate, pallor, apnea and constipation.

    Sandra Lovato R.N.
    InfantRisk Center