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Ibuprofen and motrin for mother and baby

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  • Sandra

    Ibuprofen is safe as long as you do not exceed 2400mg in 24 hours, so you can take 800mg 3 times a day or 600mg 4 times a day. The amount that transfers into breast milk is only 0.12-0.66% of your dose. The half life is only 1.8-2.5 hours so it will not build up if you do not exceed the maximum dose.

    Sandra Lovato R.N.
    InfantRisk Center

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  • Shefner229
    started a topic Ibuprofen and motrin for mother and baby

    Ibuprofen and motrin for mother and baby

    Hi there, I gave my 14 month old daughter motrin to reduce fever as she doesn't tolerate Tylenol well. I am currently prescribed 800mg ibuprofen after a dental procedure. I am still nursing. Is it safe to take Ibuprofen or will this accumulate to a toxic amount?
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