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Long term use of Vicodin

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  • Long term use of Vicodin

    Dear good doctors and nurses,

    I'm a mother of a two year old and we are still nursing on demand. I have taken Vicodin off and on for the last two years for endometriosis and chronic back and neck pain. I rarely take more than 2.5 mg at a time with a max daily dose of 7.5mg, spaced over 24 hours. I didn't worry much because this is such a small dose and I took it very inconsistently. But, I'm wondering if there is any chance my child could have a "buildup" of meds in her system from having a long term exposure. Also, could this medication have affected her teeth in any way? Causing weak enamel or weak baby teeth in general? I know it may seem odd that I'm worried now, but it only takes one article to make me question everything and now I could kick myself in the rear for not asking these questions two years ago.

    thank you

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    There's no such problem with a buildup of hydrocodone in you infant. Is rapidly and entirely cleared within 12-24 hours.
    Further, I've never heard of teeth problems with opiates such as hydrocodone.

    Tom Hale Ph.D.