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Best analgesic choice for kidney stone

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  • Best analgesic choice for kidney stone

    I am exclusively breastfeeding my 8 week old and I am passing a kidney stone. What is the best pain medicine for this? The doctor said he wouldn’t suggest taking Flomax and he gave me a prescription for toradol because I didn’t know if it was okay to take a narcotic pain medication while breastfeeding. My 8 week old has hydronephrosis so I don’t know what to take or when to pump and dump and my doctor doesn’t seem to either.

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    Kidney stones are really painful. You can use most any med that controls the pain, including hydromorphone, or oxycodone, or even hydrocodone. Just observe the infant for sedation and slow breathing.

    Toradol is probably ideal as well, as it is a nonsteroidal drug, and most of these don't enter milk well. We unfortunately do not have milk levels of Toradol, but I anticipate its milk levels will be low.

    Unfortunately, Toradol may reduce your urine production, and it may not be ideal for your situation.

    Tom Hale PhD.