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    I've seen posts about injected local anesthetic, but wondered about the safety of the 5% Lidocaine transdermal patch with breastfeeding. I hope to use this post C-section for non-narcotic pain relief (applied near, but not directly on, incision site), on for 12hrs and off for 12 hrs per instructions. Thanks in advance.

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    The 5% lidocaine patches are technically NOT transdermal, they are only dermal. Less than 5% of the lidocaine is absorbed, which is generally considered subclinical. Some patches however have benzyl alcohol. Benzyl alcohol could cause problems in newborns, and is always contraindicated around infants.

    Basically, most lidocaine patches are just topical, work only on the skin, and do not penetrate through the skin to produce plasma levels. Hence I'd suggest the lidocaine present would be subclinical for an infant. Just watch out for benzyl alcohol.

    Tom Hale Ph.D.