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Weighing pros and cons of migraine prevention vs acute care

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  • Weighing pros and cons of migraine prevention vs acute care

    My infant is about 8 weeks old and is exclusively breastfeeding. Throughout pregnancy and postpartum I have suffered with terrible migraines (worse and more frequent than those experienced before becoming pregnant). Typically I come down with a migraine on average once per week, but these can quickly escalate to er level pain. If caught early, however, they can be addressed with ibuprofen (400 mgs). My question is this: is continuing a reactive approach preferable (taking ibuprofen acutely) to a proactive preventative approach of taking metroprolol daily to reduce the frequency of migraines? I see both are relatively low risk. However, if you have any advice on which may be preferable for my infant, given the amount of medicine excreted in the breast milk, frequency of exposure, etc, I would greatly appreciate the insight. Thank you.

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    Both of these medications are safe to use. The ibuprofen only transfers 0.1-0.7% of your dose. You can take up to 2400mg in 24 hours if needed. The metoprolol only transfers 1.4% of your dose, so as long as your infant is not symptomatic it is also ok to use. Monitor your infant for drowsiness, lethargy, weakness, poor feedings and poor weight gain.

    Sandra Lovato R.N.
    InfantRisk Center