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Straterra & breastfeeding 2 year old

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  • Straterra & breastfeeding 2 year old

    I have taken Straterra 80mg, and adderal IR 20mg BID before children. Adderal worked okay, but Straterra worked very well for me. My ADD is affecting my work, home life, and relationships and I would like to resume the Straterra. I prefer it because it also seemed to level out some mild anxiety.

    Currently I nurse a new 2 year old who eats and drinks well, and is growing on track. He for the most part nurses only in the morning and before bed, occasionally before naps or a quick moment due to a random boo-boo. I don’t believe I have an abundant milk supply at all. Due to my work schedule, 1-2 days per week, I have been able to not nurse him for 30 or so hours before I feel full. Recently on one of those times I used a hand pump out of curiosity. I was only able to get 3 ounces between both sides with lots of hands on massaging.

    Would this be a reasonable time to safely but cautiously resume Straterra, taking it after his morning session which is at least 12hrs before the bedtime session. I should also mention that I plan to not add any more nursing session and begin slowly weaning completely this summer starting with naps.

    thank you!

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    Hi Lenk,

    This seems entirely reasonable. I don't expect any issues with your 2 year old--as you noticed, your milk volume is very low. By this point, his ability to metabolize the minute amount of drug could even be higher than yours.

    Kaytlin Krutsch, PharmD