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Kesimpta and breastfeeding safety

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  • Kesimpta and breastfeeding safety

    Hi. I have MS and am considering starting the medication Kesimpta (ofatumumab). I have a 27-month old who still nurses at night multiple times, and occasionally during the day. I have heard about the potential for breastfeeding on similar monoclonal antibody drugs (Ocrevus in particular, which is an alternate consideration for me), but I can't find any information on breastfeeding safety with Kesimpta. Does any info exist? I am planning on weaning within the next 6 months, but as she is so dependent on getting back to sleep with nursing right now that I don't think it will happen very soon, and I would like to start one of these two drugs within the next month or so if they are compatible with breastfeeding. Thanks so much for any thoughts you can provide.

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    Ofatumumab is an IgG1κ human monoclonal antibody with a molecular weight of approximately 149 kDa. There are no data on the transfer of this IgG1 antibody into human milk. But its going to be very low, as IgG 1 transfers poorly into human milk, and that transferred would be largely unabsorbed ORALLY in the infant.

    Further, at 27 months, the volume of milk you produce is low, and any clinical dose transferred would be exceedingly low

    Tom Hale Ph.D.


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      Thank you so much, Dr. Hale. I really appreciate the information.


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        Hello Dr. Hale,
        What about for someone who is earlier on in their breast feeding timeline. I am 2 weeks post partum and have MS and I am looking to start Kesimpta soon (Sometime in the next few weeks). Has there been any recent data or updates on transfer/affects and safety for the baby? I am hoping to breast feed for at least the next 6 months, but also need to start a disease modifying therapy.
        Any additional information you can provide would be so appreciated.