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Pesticide Exposure During Pregnancy

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  • Pesticide Exposure During Pregnancy

    My job had our office treated for bugs while I was pregnant. The office manager said she asked them before they came if I could be there and they said since it was only crack and crevice treatment, and that they weren’t spraying arbitrarily in the air or on surfaces I might touch that it was ok that I was there. I didn’t do my research on the matter before because I didn’t have time, but now after reading horror stories about pesticide exposure prenatally being linked to all kinds of things like cancer and brain tumors, I am afraid I’ve done something awful to my baby. What are the odds that will affect her negatively?

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    I wouldn't worry about it at all. Most of the pregnancy - pesticide data is pretty worthless. They find minuscule levels in the maternal plasma and make widespread predictions about this based on poor data. I personally wouldn't trust most of it.
    Most of the pesticide spraying done in house, are the permethrin based products. They have always been described as safe. They are used in topical ointments and detergents for topical application to children for lice.

    I think the odds of a problem are infinitesimally low.

    Tom Hale Phd.


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      Thank you so much for your response. You made me feel so much better. Best regards.