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Breastfeeding toddler and surgery

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  • Breastfeeding toddler and surgery

    I will be having arm surgery soon and looking to have a few questions answered. My little breast feeder will be 2 years, 11 months but she's attached to me like a newborn.

    1) Is MAC anesthesia and nerve block compatible with breastfeeding? Should I wait a certain amount of time after surgery and pump and dump? I don't seem to be responding to the pump anymore and only got drops the other day. I'm worried about not being able to dump the milk with the medication and what to do if I cannot.
    2) My doctor is willing to prescribe any pain medication afterward, but I need to know what is the safest. I have an allergy to Vicodin, so that will not work. Are there any pain medicines in particular that are considered the safest, preferably without pumping and dumping?
    3) If I can stick with Tylenol, what is the maximum dose considered safe with breastfeeding and in what time period?

    Thank you for this wonderful forum and any feedback!!
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    I am also wondering about breastfeeding after MAC anesthesia. My son is 20 months old.


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      We generally suggest that as soon as you are awake and not sedated from the anesthetics, then it probably OK to breastfeed. In your situation with limited milk and a 20 month old infant, I don't think there would be any complication at all.

      As for analgesic, tramadol, codeine or a low dose of oxycodone would probably be OK since you are allergic to hydrocodone.

      Tom Hale Ph.D.


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        Thank you. I should clarify. Although I only got drops from the pump, I know my almost 3 year old is drinking A LOT since she doesn't eat much food and loves breastfeeding often/long periods. I just can't seem to get it out of the pump anymore since it's been so long since I used it.

        For the anesthesia and nerve block (likely propofol and marcaine mixed with something else), when you say it's okay to breastfeed, you mean it's okay to breastfeed without pumping and dumping first?

        For the analgesics, are those safe to use without having to dump? What is the suggested low dose of oxycodone?
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          There will be no need to pump and dump. With few exceptions, drugs will diffuse back out of your milk on their own. As for the oxycodone, unless you are already tolerant to opioids, I would expect your surgeon to prescribe a low dose (a 5mg tablet or so as needed).

          Kaytlin Krutsch, PharmD