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Microblading eyebrows while breastfeeding

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  • Microblading eyebrows while breastfeeding

    Hi there,

    I am wondering about the safety of getting ones eyebrows “micro bladed” while breastfeeding. Microblading is a technique using a manual super-fine pen or electric hand tool to deposit pigment into skin. It’s essentially permanent makeup done on the eyebrow area.

    I was thinking about getting mine done post-baby, but not sure if it will be ok for breastfeeding.


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    We do not have any data on Microblading, but it should be ok because of the small amount of pigment used on the eyebrow would be minimal compared to most tattoos and we believe tattoos are safe if the inks are low in heavy metals such as lead.

    Sandra Lovato R.N.
    InfantRisk Center


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      Well, there are different techniques for microblading, and some of them won't hurt the process at all. However, as you mentioned, this is a permanent procedure, so you should go to a professional and ensure you'll obtain the result you desire. In this way, there are fewer chances for you to search how to fade old microblading at home [url][/url] or other things. I love these techniques on some women. However, all of them look good with microblading, and sometimes they should remain with their natural eyebrows.
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