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Panicking re. Amalgam filling removal

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  • Sandra

    Dr Hale recommends 4-6 hours. We are exposed to mercury all the time with fish consumption and light bulbs.

    Sandra Lovato R.N.
    InfantRisk Center

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  • Lisa
    started a topic Panicking re. Amalgam filling removal

    Panicking re. Amalgam filling removal

    Hi please could you advise. I’m breast feeding my son and my dentist said I needed to have a filling replaced. She removed an amalgam filling and replaced with a white one.
    I asked if this was ok while breastfeeding and she said yes.
    since researching I’ve discovered it’s not advised unless absolutely necessary, which it wasn’t as I was in no pain. Needless to say I’m fuming. She didn’t use a dental dam or alternative ventilation. I’ve read a few similar questions regarding safety of breast feeding after this kind of situation with differing advice. One response saying it should be fine after 4-6 hrs another saying 3-5 days. Please can I have clarification.
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