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  • Zinc chloride

    I got a cut on my finger and a friend put a solution on it to stop the bleeding. I’m usually really cautious about any drugs/chemicals when breastfeeding so I googled the ingredients. The solution contained 4% lidocaine, some denatured alcohol, and 40% zinc chloride. I know lidocaine is ok for breastfeeding, I assume the amount of alcohol is fine since it was just a few drops poured onto the wound, but the zinc chloride is worrying me. I tried googling it and got confused about if this is a problem. Is it ok to keep breastfeeding? I saw several posts in here about not taking too much zinc. Am I possibly going to give the baby too much zinc and lead to copper deficiency? The bottle was a 1/2 oz, 40% of that is zinc chloride, and I probably had 5-10 drops applied to an open wound.

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    Stop worrying, this small amount of Zinc chloride that would be absorbed via a wound would be insignificant to an infant. Again, what we worry about is the continuous exposure such as with Zinc tablets daily.

    Tom Hale Ph.d.