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Adrenal Insufficiency Treatment Options in Breastfeeding

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  • Adrenal Insufficiency Treatment Options in Breastfeeding

    Hello, I am currently 10 weeks pregnant and recently diagnosed with adrenal insufficiency. I am trying to plan ahead for breastfeeding.

    My endocrinologist has opted to not begin treatment until after delivery because she feels that is safer (which I'm getting a second opinion on, as no treatment seems unsafe as well). However my question is in regards to treatment postpartum as I intend to breastfeed.

    The condition is usually treated with oral hydrocortisone, dosage depending on current circumstances and symptoms. However I've read there is also an injection option similar to diabetics who use injected insulin instead of a pump. There is also a pumping option, but it doesn't seem very widely used.

    Is there one of those methods that would transfer less to my breastmilk? Are any of those options safe? Or should I attempt to postpone treatment a few more months while I nurse my baby at least 6 months?

    Note: I have secondary adrenal insufficiency, not primary, so I do not need aldosterone replacement, just cortisol replacement.