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mother with Segawa Syndrome

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  • mother with Segawa Syndrome

    Hi there,

    I'm following a mother with Segawa syndrome. (Dopamine-responsive dystonia)
    Mother has to take following medications:
    - Levidopa/Carbidopa 210mg / day
    - Trazodone 100mg / day
    - Sertraline 150mg / day
    - Floxacillin 4 x 250 mg / day (antibiotics for mastitis)
    - Ibuprofen 3 x 600mg / day

    I searched for all the individual medications and only the levidopa/carbidopa gets an L4
    The dose for Segawa desease is much lower than for Parkison patients.
    Can you tell me if there are any risks for the baby?

    Mother discussed breastfeeding with several neonatologists during pregnancy and they all said it would be ok to breastfeed.
    Today she came across a doctor who told her she should stop breastfeeding because the combination off al the medications make it dangerous for the infant.
    She is very concerned now.
    Baby has vague complaints. complaints wich can be normal in a newborn like: Spitting up, mother describes baby as uncomfortable, not gaining well despite frequent feeds, sleepy at breast,...

    Baby has a good latch and drinks active at breast for 5-10 minutes. Then falls asleep. Other measurements to support the breastfeeding and to optimise the feedings have been taken.

    Can you tell me more about the medications and the combination mother is taking?
    Our main concern is baby has to be safe.