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Postpartum Flare. Medication options?

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  • Postpartum Flare. Medication options?

    Hi my baby is 7 weeks old and I have been exclusively breastfeeding him. I am currently dealing with the pain and stiffness creeping in. I was on Plaquenil with my daughter but she was 13 months old when I started it for RA diagnosis. I continued to breastfeed her once a day at night until she was 2. I am concerned about having to wean this baby because he is so young and what these medications could do to the infant. I do not tolerate prednisone well. I get uncontrollable rage and that's not an option being the primary caregiver for my children. Any thoughts? Is it better to wait to take a medication until the infant is eating some solids?

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    Should add I stopped Plaquenil and wasn't on anything during pregnancy.