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Kesimpta and Breast Feeding

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  • Kesimpta and Breast Feeding

    Hello I am 2 weeks into breast feeding and am supposed to start Kesimpta, I was wondering if there was any recent information on effects on infants via breast milk? And risk levels.
    Really any information would be great.
    Thank you!

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    We have no data on Kesimpta (ofatumumab). It would not be the first line on choice as a monoclonal antibody for breastfeeding moms, but because it has a large molecular weight of 149,000 daltons, the amount in milk is likely to be very low. It is also likely to be partially destroyed in the infant's GI tract thus reducing the amount of exposure to this medication, but until more data becomes available, Kesimpta (ofatumumab) should be used with caution during breastfeeding, especially while nursing a newborn or preterm infant. We would recommend discussing the benefits and risks of using this medication with your infant's pediatrician. Monitor infant for fever, frequent infections, feeding/weight gain. We are currently recruiting moms to donate breast milk samples who are receiving Kesimpta to study the amount of the medication that passes into breast milk. We already have 2 samples and you would be our third. We would love to have your milk, if you are interested please go to [url][/url] and sign up and someone will contact you.

    Sandra Lovato RN
    InfantRisk Center