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    I’ve been on Mylan’s Glatiramer Acetate for five months now after being switched from Copaxone. My neurologist said yesterday he doesn’t want me breastfeeding on the generic because the data showing Copaxone is safe only applies to name brand; there’s been no info collected proving that generic is safe for breastfeeding. We’re trying to get insurance to switch me back, but in the likely event that doesn’t work, what are your thoughts on the generic form? I really don’t want to wean early, and I really don’t want to be off of a DMD either. Baby is doing fine and meeting all of his milestones. Thank you!

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    The generic form should still be ok. The medication is the same, glatiramer acetate, the only difference may be in the fillers used.
    We recommend pumping and dumping once after receiving the injection and waiting 2 hours to nurse.

    Sandra Lovato R.N.
    InfantRisk Center