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Multiple medications during breastfeeding

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  • Multiple medications during breastfeeding

    Hi so I am on a few medications, however I have recently added in tramadol as well at 100mg up to 4/day which are temporary, I’m wondering is 40mg of celexa, 2doses of 20mg of duloxetine for fibromyalgia, alprazelom up to 3mg daily, and just got sent bupropion 150mg a day as well, are these all okay to continue to take together? If not which are okay? I have seen mixed on all of these but this is a lot of different ones, my son is 4 months old and ebf.

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    This is a somewhat worrisome mix, particularly adding on Tramadol. I can't really advise you about "which" to take as that is your physician's prerogative, but I don't see the reasoning for 3 different antidepressants. I would suggest the escitalopram is probably safer than Celexa. The duloxetine is good choice for fibromyalgia, and its milk levels are really low. Bupropion is probably safe as well.

    I'd suggest you confer with your physician and discuss the breastfeeding and ask which of these you could drop.

    Tom Hale Ph.D. R.Ph.


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      You shared important information for me. thanks admin