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Breastfeeding on trileptal, diomax and rufinamide

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  • Breastfeeding on trileptal, diomax and rufinamide

    Hello, I am currently 37 weeks pregnant trying to figure out if breastfeeding is possible. I currently take all 3 of these medications and have throughout pregnancy. Baby looks to be developing normally. I take 250mg twice daily of diomax, 900mg 3x daily of trileptal, and 1200mg morning and 1600mg at night. The trileptal will return to my baseline level post pregnancy which was 600mg morning and 900 at night. I have a neurologist in the US and in France who have given me conflicting info. Is it proper to think that because these meds were given in utero breastfeeding is a natural way to wean? I will do anything possible to breastfeed if it is a viable option. Thank you for you help.