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Can diabetes be the cause of stillbirth?

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  • Can diabetes be the cause of stillbirth?

    The problem of stillbirth may occur after the 20th week of pregnancy. As, in some cases the causes of the stillbirth are not known. It can be emotionally stressed experience for a woman. The possible causes of the stillbirth can be:
    Placenta issue: If the functioning of the placenta is affected then stillbirth can occur
    Umbilical cord: When the umbilical cord is prolapsed, it can cut down the supply of oxygen. As a result, stillbirth can occur.
    Bith Defects: Any kind of birth defects can also be the reason of stillbirth.
    Certain health condition: Certain health conditions hypertension, diabetes can one of the causes.
    In order to prevent make sure to consult with your gynecologist and by adopting a healthy lifestyle. Also, know all about the information of stillbirth from your gynecologist.
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