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Effexor XR and breastfeeding

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    Effexor is rated an L2-limited data-probably compatible. The amount that crosses into breast milk is 6.8-8.1% of your dose. Your child is older and not feeding very often so it is unlikely he would have any side effects from this medication, but still monitor for sedation or irritability, not waking to feed/poor feeding and weight gain.

    Sandra Lovato R.N.
    InfantRisk Center

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  • Jocelynicole
    started a topic Effexor XR and breastfeeding

    Effexor XR and breastfeeding

    Before I got pregnant, I was on 150mg of Effexor XR. I went off of it when I found out I was expecting and after I deliver d, I went on Zoloft because my doctor wouldn't prescribe the Effexor since I was breastfeeding. My son is now 16 months old and mostly eats table food, but I still nurse him for bed and naps, and also for comfort. I want to go back onto the Effexor because Zoloft doesn't help me enough. Is it safe?
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