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  • Nexium

    My GI just prescribed Nexium. Is this safe while breast feeding an 8 week old? Also, he's testing me for pancreatitis and gall stones in addition to my crohn's disease. What effect do these conditions have on breast feeding.

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    Dr. Hale rates the medications by risk. L1 medications are the most compatible with breastfeeding. This scale goes to L5, which are the medications that should be avoided while breastfeeding.

    Nexium has been rated an L2. This medication is probably compatible with breastfeeding. The levels of the medication in breastmilk are low. Virtually all the medication that is ingested via breastmilk would probably be destroyed in the stomach of the infant prior to absorption of the medication.

    It would be best to discuss your concerns about the pancreatitis and gallstones effect on breastfeeding with your pediatrician. I have information on the medications you might take, and can help you with the medications. However, I can’t give you any medical advice.


    Colleen Peace, BSN, RN
    TTUHSC, InfantRisk Center


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      The infant must be monitored very closely for apnea, and this would be of great concern if mom continues to use this medication after the infant goes home. Generally, infants are extremrly sensitive to anticholinergic medications, such as Benyl. This is particularily true in a premie and during the neonatal period.