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  • Entyvio

    I am currently breastfeeding my 3 month old daughter on Humira and lialda. The Humira is no longer working and my GI wants me to discontinue Humira and start Entyvio. I can’t find any information on the safety of breastfeeding while taking Entyvio.

    Do you feel Entyvio is compatible with breastfeeding?

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    Entyvio is rated an L3-limited data-probably compatible. The amount that transfers into breast milk is 0.38-1.68% of your dose. This is another monoclonal antibody similar to the Humira. It has a large molecular weight of 147,000 daltons so it is unlikely to enter the breast milk in clinically relevant amounts, plus it has poor oral bioavailability so even the small amount that does transfer into the milk will not be absorbed by the infant. We think that as long as your infant is not symptomatic you could continue to nurse. Monitor your infant for fever, frequent infections, poor feeding/poor weight gain. He does mention this disclosure with the monoclonal antibodies including the Humira : "Although the molecular weight of this medication is very large and the amount in breastmilk is expected to be exceptionally low, there are no long term data concerning the safety of using immune modulating medications in breastfeeding mothers. Some caution is recommended and each woman should understand the benefits and risk of using this type of medication in lactation." (Medications and Mothers' Milk database, Dr Thomas Hale PhD).

    Sandra Lovato R.N.
    InfantRisk Center