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Treatment for, and breastfeeding with mastitis and abscess

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  • Treatment for, and breastfeeding with mastitis and abscess


    About three weeks ago I had a core-needle biopsy on a lump in my right breast, pretty high up on the chest wall. A couple of days later the area was extremely inflamed, swollen and painful. I went back and the radiologist suggested that there might be an infection. He prescribed 800 mg dicloxacillin, 4x day. There was no change, and the area continued to worsen. I called the radiologist back, and they sent me to my OB doctor. At this point (five days into treatment), I had an obvious abscess that was nearly ready to drain. My OB doctor said "It looks like cellulitis with a little abscess," and told me to finish out my antibiotic, and if the abscess didn't drain by the following week, to call back and he would send me to a general surgeon.

    It did start draining that day, and continued for about three days. I felt some relief, and then it closed up. I tried moist heat for about three more days to see if it would open up again, but it didn't.

    Yesterday I went back to the radiologist who decided that they would aspirate it, and culture the bacteria. However, he wanted to get me started on new antibiotics before getting the results of the culture, so he prescribed two weeks of Bactrim, and two weeks of Augmentin. He directed me to wean the baby (4 mos) immediately, saying I could "pump and dump for two weeks." They thought that both drugs would be too much for breastfeeding.

    I took one dose each, then read the warnings for Bactrim and decided I couldn't possibly continue taking it. I am continuing on the Augmentin.

    My first question is this: How long does it take Bactrim to flush out of one's system, and secondly, can I breastfeed on Augmentin?

    I have a follow-up appointment with a general surgeon on Monday morning, and am hoping he will have a better handle on the situation. I have been passed between doctors who don't appear to be communicating effectively, or treating this with any seriousness. My biopsy was March 4th, which means I've had a pretty bad infection for nearly three weeks.

    Thanks for reading my pretty complicated story. It was difficult to write it in a linear fashion. Any advice is appreciated.

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    I should mention, too, that my biopsy came back as Mastitis, but no one even told me that until yesterday. Initially the radiologist said "It was something to do with breastfeeding."


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