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Culturing breastmilk

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  • Culturing breastmilk

    Dr Hale I am an IBCLC. At some point over the last few years I heard that you recommend added iron to cultures and waiting 7 days vs 2 days to get an accurate result. I'm working w a mom who has had 6 bouts of mastitis in just 3 mo; and another who has had 5 bouts in 5 mo. The first mom has now been told to stay on a low dose of abx for the duration of lactation. Their OB has just written prescriptions, never done cultures. Will you please direct me to these instructions so I can share w the OB? Thank you!

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    I added iron to Candida Cultures in a petrie dish to enhance candida growth. But remember, I did not find candida in Milk.

    My advice for this mom is to take the antibiotics until clear, then administer Bactroban to the end of her nipple after each feed. This seems to kill the bacteria in the entrance to the ducts and it has worked in the past in moms with repeat infections. Remember, the source of the bacteria is the nipple entrance to the ducts. Hence cleaning and treating the infection there may prevent repeat infections.

    Tom Hale


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