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Recurrent mastitis, help please

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  • Recurrent mastitis, help please

    I have an almost four month old and am on my fifth round of mastitis. I have been on cephelexin and then bactrim. It continues to return once I’m off the meds for 5-10 Days. I’ve had clear ultrasounds, MRSA negative, breastmilk culture negative for bacterium, baby has great latch. Slight oversupply but nothing extreme. Mastitis has lessened in severity each time I get it. What gives?!

    My main questions are: is it safe for baby to continue taking these meds possibly During the entire duration of breastfeeding? Do you have any suggestions for me on how to not get mastitis? Many thanks

    . My biggest concern is the effect of the meds on my baby. He has had more frequent poops lately, but he’s also teething and drooling lots.
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