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Prolactin level and domperidone

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  • Prolactin level and domperidone

    Hello, I have had low milk supply with both infants and never got a dramatic increase in milk supply in the first week postpartum as expected (despite frequent feeding and pumping). I had prolactin levels drawn and the level was about 100 both before and after a feed/pump. My understanding is that prolactin should increase acutely with feeding. It seems that a baseline level of 100 at about 2 weeks postpartum is normal range, though. Given this and the above lab profile, would domperidone be helpful in increasing milk supply? I'm already pumping frequently and taking fenugreek, blessed thistle and goats rue without significant impact. I am probably making about half of what my infant needs...

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    If your prolactin levels are high the galactagogues usually will not increase your milk supply. There may be an underlying problem possibly a thyroid issue, stress, illness, birth control, some herbs etc. Continue with frequent nursing and or pumping as supply and demand is the best way to increase milk supply.

    Sandra Lovato R.N.
    InfantRisk Center


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      I was going fine with breastfeeding but suddenly it went down due to allergy meds and nothing was going to establish it. I was told to use an organic tea called Healthy nursing tea. Thank God, this tea made my life a heaven and I am now producing enough to exclusively breastfeed my little one.