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    Dr.Hale has said that fenugreek doesn't work and I'm having terrible problems with my now 7 month old! I have no thyroid so I'm on daily levothyroxin, I also have a yeast infection of the breast we haven't been able to clear up! Is there any herbs that truly work for increasing milk supply and any known to clear up yeast?

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    First, I don't believe in yeast of the breast. Its most likely a bacterial infection (staph), or nipple vasospasm. Secondly, the only two drugs that we know increase prolactin and subsequently milk production are domperidone and metoclopramide. Domperidone is preferred, but its difficult to get in the US. Reglan, or metoclopramide, can be used briefly, not more than 30 days, and it will normally increase milk production IF your prolactin levels are low (10-30 ng/mL). If your prolactin levels are high (> 75 ng/mL) it will probably not work. But Reglan can cause depression and other problems if used more than 1-3 months, so only use it briefly.

    My advice would be to breastfeed, wait 2 hours and draw a blood sample for Prolactin level. If low, then use metoclopramide for 3-4 weeks, then taper off over 2-3 weeks. If you live close to Canada, or Mexico, you can get a prescription for Domperidone 30-60 mg per day. It is much safer and has fewer side effects. It may increase heart arrhythmias in some patients, but only in patients with existing prolonged QT. So if you get domperidone, you might have your doctor do a quick EKG to test your QT interval before using it.

    Tom Hale PhD.


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      Healthy nursing tea is an herbal tea to increase breast milk. I've used this tea with good out put.


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        Another way to increase milk is by eating chocolates, it contributes! Hydrating yourself like more intake of water will definitely increase your milk supply and of course soup every meal would be a big help.


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          Hi, Snow. When I was breastfeeding my doctor advised me to eat lots of carrots, oatmeal, and nuts. She said these were great ways to boost my milk. Also very important is drinking lots of water. I also tried drinking malunggay tea, which I think helped a little.