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Low supply, high prolactin levels and desires domperidone

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  • Low supply, high prolactin levels and desires domperidone

    Hello, I have a mom whom is currently BF her baby who is now about 3months. She is dealing with low milk supply and wants to start domperidone (although worried about the canada warning). She also has prolactin levels of 341.1 mcg/L. I am not sure how having high prolactin levels is affecting her supply if any, I can't find anything in the literature. Is she even a good candidate for Domeridone? Other hormone levels according to mom are normal including TSH. Please help.

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    Dear garciazi,

    This mother would not be a candidate for domperidone as she does not have a low prolactin level. Domperidone increases breastmilk production by increasing prolactin levels. There is no corresponding breastmilk benefit from increasing prolactin levels above normal. If there is no other physiologic issues, then she may not have enough lactocytes to produce an adequate milk supply. The amount of lactocytes is determined genetically. Reassure this mom that she is doing the best she can for her infant.

    Cindy Pride, MSN, CPNP
    TTUHSC InfantRisk Center