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Lamictal/Lithium + Latuda or Quetiapine

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  • Lamictal/Lithium + Latuda or Quetiapine

    Hey all. Thanks for your time. I have been on 300 lamictal my entire pregnancy and 7 months PP before things went downhill. I added 1200 lithium tapered up and had baby tested 8 months at this point and her levels are undetectable. I am still not quite feeling good at 10 months and she is gradually eating less and less over these next few months so I’d like to try and stable a bit more with the lowest dose of one of these two. I did well on Latuda before I was pregnant with lithium but want the lowest transfer and risk ratio. Baby is thriving and I am always aware of any changes as I’m with her 24/7. I will discontinue anything if I see any effects at all. But I’m confident one of these would be a good addition to bridge the gap of me off the rollercoaster.

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    We are sorry that you are not feeling well. Unfortunately, we do not recommend this combination pf medications due to the sedating qualities, especially when combined. To discuss specifics and other options, please call the IRC call center. Thank you.

    Nichole Campbell, MSN, APRN, NP-C