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  • lamotrigine nursing toddler

    Hi, I was recently diagnosed with a brain cyst that is causing seizures. I was prescribed lamotrigine and having been slowly tapering up from 50mg (25mg/2x day) to 100mg (50mg/ 2x day). My neurologist is willing to let me stay at the lowest dose possible that controls my episodes, knowing that I am still nursing my 13 month old. This doctor also researched the drug and said it seems like one of the safest anticonvulsants to take during nursing, although he suggested long term cognitive effects on the child are not known. Can you inform me about any potential long-term negative effects on my son if I continue to nurse him and take the med? I had planned to let him self-wean, is this advisable, can I keep nursing my toddler safely while on this drug, or should I start the weaning process?
    Last question-are there any special/ specific risks of starting this drug and nursing a toddler who has never been exposed to it? I know a lot of women on the drug take it through pregnancy, so children who are nursed have already been exposed in utero.
    Thank you in advance for your time and expertise.

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    I'm sorry I posted this in 3 different forums...wasn't sure where to place it and really want some feedback.


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      You need to watch for any odd rashes in both yourself and your little one. It can be the start of a rare, but very serious, reaction which requires immediate termination of lamictal and medical treatment. It is called a Stevens-Johnson rash/syndrome.

      I take low doses of lamictal and have throughout pregnancy and breastfeeding. I was advised that the benefits outweigh the risks. But, it is a very personal decision.


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        It's always a risk to take medications when you're nursing, so please don't take any without consulting your doctor.


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          Yes!!! It is called a Stevens-Johnson rash/syndrome.