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Anxiety/panic taking Prozac

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  • Anxiety/panic taking Prozac

    I have a question my daughter is 2 years old I have been on Prozac generic Fluoxetine 20 mg daily I’ve was on it all threw my pregnancy and breastfeeding journey my dr has upped my Prozac to 20 mg twice daily in morning and at night my anxiety has flared up been bad I’m going to also go into therapy she still is breastfeeding probably 15 times a day for like 5 mins or less expect at night and she does until she falls asleep would that changed in my Prozac hurt her. How much of the meds do they get she gets food and drinks threw out the day I’m scared about taking more which adds on to my anxiety thank you

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    It sounds like your infant is probably just "comfort feeding" after 2 years and the volume of milk is probably quite minimal, hence the dose of fluoxetine transferred is quite minimal as well. I really doubt that this dose would have any effect on your infant.

    Tom Hale Ph.D.