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coping with ADD/ADHD during pregnancy

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  • coping with ADD/ADHD during pregnancy

    Hello! Question for anyone who has ADD and takes medication for it...

    I'm currently taking 40 mg of Vyvanse every morning. When I went to my gynecologist today, I mentioned that my husband and I are trying to get pregnant. She recommended that I not take the Vyvanse and to see if there was a safer alternative.

    I also asked my psychiatrist about this today. He mentioned a non-stimulant medication called Straterra that some people take during pregnancy, but that If I'm trying to get pregnant it would be best to stay off medication altogether.

    Are there any pregnancy - friendly alternatives to Vyvanse? Any input you could give would be great

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    We do not have any pregnancy data on Vyvanse or Straterra. Both are amphetamine derivatives. While we have some animal studies that suggest a low risk of birth defects, animal studies are difficult to compare to humans, particularly in pregnancy.

    These sort of situations always come down to a risk vs benefit assessment, and ONLY you and your doctor can make this assessment. The best advise to avoid them the first 3 months of pregnancy. But this is a call you and your physician have to make.

    Tom Hale, Ph.D.
    Infantrisk Center


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      What about during breastfeeding?


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        Vyvanse (lisdexamfetamine dimesylate) is rated an L3-limited data-probably compatible. The amount that transfers into breast milk is 1.8-6.2% of your dose. We do recommend keeping your dose low (30-40mg a day or less) and as long as your infant is not symptomatic it is probably ok to nurse. Monitor your infant for agitation, irritability, poor sleeping patterns, poor weight gain.

        Strattera (atomoxetine) is rated an L4-no data-possibly hazardous. "No data are available on the transfer of Atomoxetine into human milk. Because this is a lipophilic, neuroactive drug, there is some potential risk coincident with its use in a breastfeeding mother, and mothers should probably be cautioned about its use while breastfeeding." (Medications and Mothers' Milk database, Dr Thomas Hale PhD). This medication is not recommended for breastfeeding.

        Sandra Lovato R.N.
        InfantRisk Center


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          Can you please provide feedback on Adderall 40mg and the side effects I should look for. My daughter is 15 months old although she does nurse on demand she is also eating table food 3 times a day and 3 snacks a day. She has water with snacks/meals


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            At 15 months, there's not a lot of risk, because the volume of milk you produce is low. But excitement, insomnia, poor appetite, would be the primary symptoms that she is getting too much.

            Tom Hale


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              Would I look for these all together or could one alone mean that she is getting too much?


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